Meet the Original Baby

Who was the song written for?  Well, we’d like you to meet him. 🙂  My husband and I wrote this song when our son, Jesse, was born in 1996.  We actually prayed the prayer while standing over his crib at night, asking the Lord to bless him and then turned our prayer into a song. The song was originally titled “Little Jesse”, and is on our  Zion Sing album, but we turned it into a generic baby song for all of you!

Our “Little Jesse” now stands 6’6″ high and is all grown up. He is a volunteer firefighter for our local town and is going to college. Where does the time go?  Here is a picture of “Little Jesse” with my husband and I.

Enjoy EACH and EVERY moment with your little one, because you just blink and they’re gone. He may be grown (at 6’6″!!), but he’ll always be my baby!   ♥

Here’s Jesse all grown up saving lives and loving the Lord

Another photo of Jesse working a scene as a fire man.

Since he was little, he always wanted to be a firefighter.